Wati is a popular tool for using the WhatsApp API. But while quite useful, it is also very expensive. Wati's pricing for its subscription ranges from around INR 2,000 to INR 16,999 per month.

Is There a Free Alternative?

The answer is yes! There is a completely free forever WhatsApp CRM/API platform. Heltar is a completely free forever platform, in fact we don't even ask for card details to use the platform. This includes unlimited broadcasts/WhatsApp bulk messaging, unlimited team members and much more!

Is the Free Platform a Scam?

No. It is simply what it is.

Is the Free Wati Alternative a worse WhatsApp CRM/API platform?

No, it is easy to use, and has a broad range of features to help businesses grow.

Will the Meta Charges also be free?

No, Meta charges for its API directly, which Heltar has no role in. That cost will have to be paid directly by the user to Meta.

What is the Use of WhatsApp API

Ban Proof Bulk Messaging

By using the API, you can easily send bulk messages to 1000s of users at once without the risk of getting banned by Meta which happens when you use the normal WhatsApp business app.


You can easily create chatbots by using the WhatApp API, which again can't be done on normal WhatsApp

Team Inbox


You can easily share a single WhatsApp number with your entire team, which helps in managing large message volumes.



You can easily keep track of user information, like city, lead status, birthday, and any other information you want to store in an organised manner. This can really improve customer experience significantly.



You can easily integrate apps like Google Sheets, Zoho, Zapier, Pabbly and much more on the WhatsApp API.

Feature Comparison Wati vs Heltar

  1. Price. Wati - 2,000 INR per month to 16,000 INR/month. Heltar - Free forever.
  2. Team Inbox - Both have it.
  3. Bulk Messaging - Both have it.
  4. Permission Manager - Both have it.
  5. Integrations - Both have it.